Long time. . . . . .

This  is our Buster's grave at Christmas time, 2013. We love him so much still that we try to do this on Christmas and his birthday and the day he passed away. We miss him so much and know he is now healthy and running again and keeping my first dog Blacky and Grandma Sharon company. I miss them all, wish they were all here.

Our "Buster"....

Here is a picture that I took and edited, I think it's pretty cool. What do you think?

Our new addition

Here is our newest addition, we feel that Buster is the one that brought her to us though he is gone and in heaven now. She's a roudy one, that's for sure. But so loving too. I just wish Buster could of gotten to know her, they definitely would of been fighting over who is gonna sit on mama's lap. But Ron loves her too, as she loves him also. Takes her a few minutes to warm up to people but after that, you've got a new friend.

So far behind with blogging, forgive me.

I cannot for the life of me remember how to do certain things on here, but, I'm looking to change that. I've got lots of pictures, lots of stories but need to get a few things figured out first, out. So keep checking back, and I promise there will be more here, just gonna be a little bit. So long everyone.

Life in general

Well, we've all been real busy. I haven't had time to put anything on here till now. So, just wanted to give an update. Not much to update other than life continue's to be real busy. I'm busy taking pictures with my good friend Cindy's camera, she is the best. I learn something new eveytime I take a families pictures. It's something I love to do, just wish I knew alot more. I would love to go to school for it, just don't have the funds to do so.

And I've gotta get going on buying baby shower decorations for our daughter and her husband. They are giving us a great gift, our first grandson, due in December of this year. I can't wait, I just wish I could get more pictures of her being pregnant, I don't want her to regret not having them in the future. Anyway, that's what I'm up to. Hope all is well with everyone and wish you a Happy Halloween.

Our daughter's wedding

Well, it's finally here. Tomorrow our daughter is getting married and we couldn't be more proud. Even my brother and his family came up to attend this special occasion, one which we all we not forget. We want to welcome Ben into our family. To have the chance to get to know him even more in the future, looking forward to it. So, let's get our little girl married and sealed, for time and all eternity, right Kathrin? We really do love you so much.

Kathrin's bridal open house

The open house was on Saturday, Dec. 4th. It was so nice of all her friends that did come, to see and visit with her once again. And her cousin Jamie came, it was so wonderful to see her, it's been such a long time. A few of her aunts came to that we haven't seen for awhile also. And our dear daughter-in-law Ayla helped me out so much in making this a wonderful day for our daughter. Thanks again to Mrs. Dever, for the use of her home for the open house. It was a wonderful day, I'm so proud, we, are so proud of her.